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Luther, OK Pest Control

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Complete Pest Control In Luther, OK

The small town of Luther might seem like a sleepy rural place; however, with its close proximity to the center of Oklahoma City, there is always something happening. This trait makes Luther an ideal home for commuters who are raising families, as the area is also home to well-regarded public schools. With the addition of a quaint downtown that’s peppered with independent mercantiles, tractor supply, and cafes, Luther is a charming place indeed.

As a family-owned, family-operated business, we take pests seriously at Summit Pest Solutions. Providing our customers with the highest quality services at affordable prices is what we strive for every day. The initial service that our customers receive is from the owner himself and all subsequent work is done by our experienced technicians. No matter what your property is in need of, we always stand by our services so that you don’t need to worry about pests again. For more information on complete pest control in Oklahoma County, please give us a call today.

Residential Pest Control In Luther

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At Summit Pest Solutions, we believe that keeping your home free from pests doesn’t have to be complicated or harmful. Every customer we work with benefits from our attention to detail, reasonable rates, and emphasis on safety. The first inspection and service that you receive is always given by our owner. During this step, we’re looking for hot spots, conducive conditions, entry points, and any nests, active or old. After our inspection is complete, we’ll make our recommendations for your treatment process. If we move forward, we’ll apply treatments on the spot and discuss ways to prevent pest activity in the future.

For the homes that require ongoing attention, we’ll set up a maintenance schedule for recurring service. In addition to our general pest services, we provide homeowners with pest-specific solutions for mosquitoes, fleas and ticks, and bed bugs. At Summit Pest Solutions, we believe in treating every customer like family, which is why we guarantee our work and always put your needs first. To learn more about residential pest control, please contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Luther

Pests can cause a multitude of issues for your Luther business, whether that means property damage or making your customers uncomfortable. At Summit Pest Solutions, we work with businesses to not only eliminate pest activity but to also keep it from coming back. Each commercial customer that we work with receives a treatment program that is tailored to their unique needs. In order to achieve this, we begin with a meticulous inspection of both the interior and exterior of your property. We’ll look for any pest problems and discuss what your pest control goals are. This inspection leaves no stone unturned and addresses baseboards, eaves, crawl spaces, crevices, and more. When you partner with us, we will work to educate you and your employees on the best practices for preventing pest problems as well. Don’t leave pest problems up to chance. To learn more about the benefits of commercial pest control and how it works, contact Summit Pest Solutions today.

Keeping Cockroaches & Their Germs Out Of Your Luther Home

Cockroaches can make their way inside your Luther home in a variety of sneaky ways, whether that means infesting delivery packages or using the sewer system. Once they gain access to your home, cockroaches leave behind shed body parts and feces that are associated with a variety of health hazards like E. coli and diarrhea. Keeping them from becoming an issue can be difficult especially because it’s not just unhygienic homes that attract them. Additionally, once a cockroach infestation has started, getting a hold of it by yourself is nearly impossible because of the size of the infestation, the out-of-sight locations they tend to develop in, and cockroaches' growing immunity to common pesticides.

At Summit Pest Solutions, we specialize in helping homeowners deal with cockroach problems of all sizes and species. Our expert technicians know what to look for when inspecting your home and we have the knowledge and professional-grade products to address these issues in their entirety. We even stand by our work in order to guarantee the cockroaches are no longer an issue for you. To learn more about professional cockroach prevention, contact us today.

Bed Bugs: Hitchhiking Through Luther

Bed bugs are parasites that find their next meal by hitchhiking around Luther. Because they typically feed off of human blood, bed bugs are found wherever people are. This means that residents may encounter them at restaurants, by staying in a hotel, while running errands, or by bringing home secondhand items like kitchen appliances, mattresses, and couches. Once bed bugs have gotten a free ride into a home or place of business, they can be very difficult to detect because they only come out at night in order to feed.

Getting rid of an infestation using DIY methods is a tall task with generally very little success, which is why at Summit Pest Solutions, our bed bug treatments are comprehensive and designed to completely eliminate the issue at hand. We follow Integrated Pest Management methods in order to ensure the safety of our customers while also being tough on pests. All of these services come with a 30-day warranty as well. For more information on bed bug removal, contact us today.

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