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Complete Pest Control In Moore, OK

Located miles south of Oklahoma City, the suburban city of Moore is designed for individuals and families who want access to the big city with a peaceful pace of daily life. Moore is filled with beautiful parks, good schools, quaint bakeries, global markets, and a variety of opportunities for recreation. Part of life in Moore also includes pest problems, which can be dangerous and damaging for locals. 

At Summit Pest Solutions, we work with homeowners and businesses to provide a five-star experience with every visit. We put our 35 years of experience to good use in order to customize each treatment we implement and all of our work is guaranteed. Each initial service is even completed by our owner himself. With solution-oriented offerings that are designed to eliminate pests for good, our customers can live without the constant fear of pest problems. For more information on complete Cleveland County pest control, contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Moore

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At Summit Pest Solutions, we treat each of our residential customers like family, not a number. Each step of our process is designed to include customers in the process and educate them along the way. Prior to any treatments, we’ll inspect properties in their entirety, checking for hot spots, points of entry, pest problems, and the potential for future issues. After we’ve gathered our findings, we’ll go over treatment options and the first one will be applied by our owner. During this time, we also work to educate all of our customers on the small, daily changes they can make in order to mitigate further attraction of pests. In addition to our general services, we offer specialized services for mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, and ticks. Customers can also have peace of mind knowing that all of our services are guaranteed and that we will do everything in our power to completely eliminate pest problems. To learn more about residential pest control, contact us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Moore

Businesses in Moore can face pest problems throughout the year that can cost them lost opportunities, a tarnished reputation, and exposure to health risks. At Summit Pest Solutions, we work directly with business owners to develop and initiate treatment programs that are designed to eliminate pests and keep them from returning. We begin with an inspection of properties that assesses everything from landscaping to baseboards, and the initial treatment will be given by our founder. We return on a recurring basis in order to keep pests away throughout the year.

With more than 35 years of experience, we’re qualified to treat healthcare facilities, schools, warehouses, restaurants, and more. It’s also our mission to educate business owners and their teams so that they can maintain a safe environment between our visits. All of our services come with a guarantee so that pests don’t need to be a problem for businesses again. For more information on the benefits of commercial pest control, contact us today. 

Is There Anything I Can Do To Avoid Bed Bugs In Moore?

While bed bugs are a very common pest in Moore, they are absolutely avoidable. As parasites, they seek humans and animals to feed off of, which means that they tend to thrive in areas that see a lot of traffic. Any time that you’re in public spaces, there is a risk of encountering bed bugs. That means going to the movies, stopping into a shop or the mall, taking public transportation, or staying in a hotel can expose you to bed bugs. After doing any of these things, it’s imperative that you inspect your personal effects thoroughly for signs of bed bugs. Another key way that bed bugs spread is through used couches, mattresses, and upholstered items. Prior to bringing any of these items into your home, ask about their previous whereabouts and check them for bed bugs first. At Summit Pest Solutions, we utilize detailed inspections, multi-room treatments, and provide a warranty on all of our work for the times when bed bugs do become an issue. For more information on bed bug removal, contact us today.

What Everyone In Moore Should Know About Mosquitoes

For residents of Moore, mosquitoes are one of the peskiest insects that they’ll encounter throughout the year. Mosquitoes are an issue from April through September, which can make some of the most enjoyable weather of the year not so enjoyable after all. The female mosquito uses this time to find victims for her to feed off of, as she requires blood in order to reproduce. This makes the simple presence of people enough to lure mosquitoes to a property. Unfortunately, typical landscaping has a lot to offer mosquitoes as well, with pockets of standing water, leaf piles, and wooded areas. It’s also important to note that while mosquitoes are primarily a nuisance, they do have the potential to spread harmful pathogens that can lead to St. Louis encephalitis and West Nile virus. 

At Summit Pest Solutions, we provide seasonal mosquito control that reduces active and future populations through the use of a backpack mister and subtle structural changes. For more information on these services, contact us today. 

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