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Mosquito Control In Edmond, OK

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Reliable Mosquito Control For Your Property In Edmond, OK

A recent poll showed that 36% of the people in Oklahoma named spring as their favorite season. April through September offers some of the best weather for outdoor recreation. From hiking to backyard barbecues, it’s the season for getting outside and soaking up that vitamin D; it’s also prime mosquito season.

Mosquitoes have a knack for driving people back indoors. Their bites itch relentlessly, and they are vectors for countless dangerous diseases. Fortunately, our team of pest control professionals at Summit Pest Solutions can fix that for you. We will minimize the presence of mosquitoes on your property quickly, and you can get back to enjoying the beautiful Oklahoma weather all season long! Contact us to get started with mosquito control for your Edmond home.

Reliable Mosquito Control For Your Property In Edmond, OK

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Controlling mosquito populations on your property is a challenging task. Many people throw hundreds of dollars away every year on various citronella products and others that boast the ability to repel these vampiric pests. However, the easiest way to handle mosquitoes on your property is to leave it to our highly trained pest control experts. We provide these recurring monthly services from April through September starting at $65 a service visit.

Our reliable mosquito control program takes the stress out of reducing the presence of mosquitoes on your property and gets you back outdoors all season long. We can achieve this by strapping on our backpack mister and treating your bushes, shrubs, and plants with a professional-grade product. This process should only take about 20 minutes to complete, depending on the size of your property, and you don’t have to do anything at all! If your family includes furry members, we recommend you keep your pets inside until the treatment has had a chance to dry, just to be safe.

Once we have completed the treatment process, we always take the time to share some best practices that you can implement on your property to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Some simple ways to maximize and extend the benefits of our mosquito control solutions include the following:

  • Cut your grass regularly.
  • Maintain a tidy lawn.
  • Maintain proper water drainage.
  • Eliminate areas of standing water.

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At Summit Pest Solutions, we have made it our mission to provide our neighbors in Edmond with efficient and affordable pest solutions coupled with five-star services. As a local, family-owned business in Edmond, we have a personal connection to the area. We understand the unique pest pressures you face because we face the same ones. We will help you reclaim your property and enjoy everything it has to offer.

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