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Pest Control In Yukon, OK

Yukon, Oklahoma, gets its name from the Gold Rush that happened in Canada's Yukon territory in the 1890s. Today, Yukon is part of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area and is home to just under 23,000 residents. It has a rich culture of art and history, and because of its proximity to the larger cities, it is rapidly becoming a hotspot to raise a family and start a business. Because of this population increase, Canadian County pest control needs have risen, so Summit Pest Solutions provides reliable, top-quality services to keep you and your family or business safe.

Residential Pest Control In Yukon

yukon ok pest control

There's nothing worse than finding pests have invaded your home. What was supposed to be your safe space has become contaminated, and the experience is equally as frustrating as it is embarrassing. At Summit Pest Solutions, we guarantee our residential pest control services and strive to provide customized, five-star quality treatments for every family. Our expert technicians follow this formula to diagnose and effectively treat all kinds of pest infestations:

  • Thorough inspection of both your home's interior and exterior.
  • Customized treatments applied to both the interior and exterior of your home and lawn that fit your specific needs.
  • Follow-up visits to ensure your satisfaction and that pests don't return.

We have over 35 years of experience providing residential pest control services to Yukon families. Our technicians have the knowledge and tools needed to safely and permanently exterminate whatever type of pest infestation you might have while providing top-quality customer service that treats you like a family, not a number. If you are dealing with pests in your home, give us a call today!

Commercial Pest Control In Yukon

Summit Pest Solutions also provides the highest-quality commercial pest control services in Canadian County. As fellow business owners, we understand how difficult it is to keep a business running smoothly. When pests invade, they throw a wrench in your operations and can be dangerous and costly for your business. That's why we offer complete, comprehensive commercial pest control services to the following types of companies:

  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Apartments
  • Event venues and weddings
  • Healthcare facilities

At Summit Pest Solutions, we don't just provide a blanket treatment and hope that everything works out. We take the time to understand your unique situation and customize a treatment plan that maximizes its value. Additionally, we provide quotes and implement prevention strategies to ensure your problem does not return. Call us today if you have a pest problem at your establishment.

A Guide To Effective Mosquito Control For Your Yukon Property

As summer rolls around, mosquitoes will start coming out in full force again. While the best way to keep mosquitoes out of your yard is to have one of the experts at Summit Pest Solutions help, there are some things you can do to try and keep them at bay in the short term:

  • Use citronella candles: One way to help keep mosquitoes at bay is to surround your yard with citronella candles. However, this method is not a 100% guarantee of keeping them away.
  • Wear lighter colors: Studies have shown that mosquitoes like darker colors, so if you plan to be outside, try wearing bright colors to keep them away from you.
  • Place mosquito netting: If possible, you can surround the area you plan to be out in with mosquito netting. While this is a great temporary solution, it may not be practical in the long run if you need to work outside of that netted area.

At Summit Pest Solutions, we utilize the most advanced mosquito control treatments available on the professional market to exterminate and prevent mosquitoes from entering your yard. If you want to get back to enjoying your outdoor time this summer, give us a call!

How Fleas In Your Yukon Home May Be Worse Than You Think

The flea is perhaps one of the worst types of pests to have in your home. They are among the most challenging pests to get rid of, especially on your own. Below are some reasons why the flea is such a notorious pest:

  • They are too small to see with the naked eye: While you may be lucky to see some adult fleas jumping around, their eggs, larvae, and pupae are too small to see without a microscope. 
  • They are quick movers: Despite being wingless pests, their ability to jump great heights and lengths allows them to quickly dodge out of the way of your flea bomb or other over-the-counter treatments. Once fleas flee, they're very hard to find again.
  • Their unique body shape: Because of their flattened body shapes, fleas can easily move through fur and hair, which also allows them to escape combs and anything else you use to remove them from pets. 

For the past 35 years, Summit Pest Solutions has successfully exterminated entire flea infestations in Canadian County while helping people strategize how to never end up with a second infestation. If this terrible pest is terrorizing your home, don't wait. Contact us today to get started with flea control services. 

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